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Select from the list of recordings below and watch at your own leisure.


Please note the following

The link is valid for 14 days.

Recordings are for personal use only, so please do not share the link.

The recipe and method learnt remains the property of so it cannot be shared via social media

when checking out, please select Cooking Workshop when it comes to delivery


1. Corned Beef and Baked Bread

- learn how to make your corned beef (soutvleis) 3 different methods

- stovetop, Wonderbag and Instant Pot


2. Prawn Chaat and Flatbread

- a quick and simple dish to woo any crowd


3. Leg of Lamb with Crispy Roasted Potatoes

- take the guess work out of cooking this beautiful cut of meat with minimal ingredients and minimal fuss


4. Getting Started on Using your Instant Pot

- learn how to switch on your pot

- basic timings for all proteins (except pork)

- what is ideal to cook in your Instant Pot

- this class gives you the confidence to get started


5. Whole Roasted Chicken with Risotto (Instant Pot only)

- effortless, tender roasted chicken

- the creamiest risotto that requires no continuous stirring


6. Sugar Bean Bredie (Instant Pot only)

- I chat about legumes and why I cook it this way


7. Chicken Breyani (Instant Pot only)

- perfect fluffly breyani without getting the dreaded burn notice


8. Lamb Breyani (Instant Pot only)

- tender meat, with all the aromatic flavours we associate with this comforting dish

Class Recordings

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